Opensource strongly typed programming language with built-in arbitrary-precision arithmetic support made just for fun.

About Jarog

Jarog is simple all-purpose programming language. It is opensource and written in Pascal. It was designed for no reasons and can be used for education purposes or just for fun.

load "<io>" as io; const main := $( in args: list(string); var name: string; ) do name := io::get(); io::put("Hello, " + name); end;
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Download Jarog

You can download Jarog for free and use it in your projects or standalone.

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Functional programming

Besides traditional imperative programming also supports anonymous functions, closures, curring and recursion. All functions are first-class citizens.

Big numbers

Is built using MPArith library which made it able to process integer and float numbers with arbitrary precision out of the box.

Null safety

Is completely null-safe because it just does not have values like null, nil, none or undefined. All variables are predefined with their default values.

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